Business Process Simulator for BPMN

Scalable and lightning fast BPMN simulator powered by the QBP Simulator

Business processes optimization is not hard if you have right tools for experimentation. It does not matter how complex your processes are or how large-scale scenarios are you dealing with.

QBP Simulator is a lightning fast business process simulator that can empower you!

See the steps below to understand what it takes to conduct a simulation of a real business process with the QBP Simulator.

Provide a business process model

Step #1

To improve existing business process, you always start with analyzing the current one. If you do not have an existing process, then you can draw one that does the job. You can always model your business process as a BPMN 2.0 model which is required to conduct a simulation. You can use any tool that can generate standard BPMN 2.0 diagram, for example

Provide a scenario to simulate and analyze

Step #2

You might already know the bottlenecks and issues from the real world business in some scenarios. However you might not know how the process works in scenarios where there are more cases to simulate, arrival rate is much higher or you suddenly have more or less resources available. Provide the scenario you want to analyze and let the QBP Simulator do its job.

It will be quick - you will get the simulation results immediately.

Here are some guiding questions to define the scenario:

  • How many cases to simulate?
  • What is the arrival rate of new cases?
  • Which resources are involved? How many of them? What is their cost?
  • What is the duration (distribution) of each activity?
  • What is the probability to execute a conditional flow?
  • Analyze the simulation results

    Step #3

    The results include resource utilization, costs, waiting times, cycle times and many more key performance indicators. Analyze the results and if you are not satisfied, then make changes in the BPMN model and/or scenario and simulate again. Once you have the business process model that works in all required scenarios, then proceed with implementing the model in the real world and benefit from the changes!

    Continuos Business Process Management

    QBP Simulation Engine - the simulator helping you to improve the process