BIMP Online Simulator

BIMP Online Simulator UI is easy to use user interface and can be accessed directly from a web browser at our Simulator page. BIMP UI has limited capabilities and is permitted for trial and academic use only. For commercial use you need a license for QBP Simulation Engine or QBP Simulator REST API. Contact us for more information.

All you need is a business process diagram in BPMN 2.0 format. Using BIMP UI you can upload your business process diagram and provide additional information to define the simulation scenario. Simulation scenario including the number of process instances to create, their arrival rate, activity durations, number of resources, path execution probabilities and etc is essential for the simulation.

After the simulation scenario has been entered, the simulation can be started. You can also enable MXML log creation to produce the logs in a standard XML format that can be downloaded and analyzed further with other process mining tools.

From the results you can analyze the performance of the business process. You can download the process model with the simulation data to be simulated later again. You can always go back modify the entered simulation specific information and run the simulation again.

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Source code of BIMP UI is available in Github at: and can also be installed from NPM package repository: . See README.MD file in the package for more information.