QBP Simulation Engine

QBP Simulation Engine is the muscle behind our business process simulator solution. QBP Simulation Engine supports business process models defined in the BPMN 2.0 notation and annotated with the simulation scenario information defined by the QBP Simulation Engine Schema (see resources below).

Simulations are lightning fast - usually it does not take more than a few seconds to conduct a simulation of thousands of process instances. As a result of the simulation you will get the KPIs (key performance indicators) of the business process in given scenario as well as individual process instance and activity based statistics.

QBP Simulation Engine is written in Java language and can be natively integrated into web applications written in Java.

Most likely you would like to expose business process simulator functionality via some RESTful API and we have a solution for you - QBP Enterprise solution is exactly for this. As a part of the QBP Enterprise solution you will get a ready to deploy web service (including source code) that uses the QBP Simulation Engine and exposes the RESTful API similar to our own QBP Simulator REST API. You can deploy the service either on your premises or in the cloud as needed whether as a Docker image, Web Application or a Tomcat app.

Pricing of the QBP Enterprise solution depends on the purpose of use. Contact us for more info or commercial usage.