QBP Simulator REST API

QBP Simulator API is easy to use BPMN 2.0 business process simulator service that can be integrated with other products and services. We host the simulation service for you and take care of balancing the load.

QBP Simulator API provides authenticated RESTful HTTP endpoints to:

  • Start simulation of a business process model in BPMN 2.0 XML format with simulation scenario in the QBP Simulation Engine format embedded.
  • Check the status of the simulation.
  • Retrieve all results from the simulation after it has finished. Duration of the simulation depends on the complexity of the BPMN model and simulation scenario, but usually it won't take more than a few seconds.

And that really is it - we take care of everything else.

QBP Simulator REST API can be used for free for academic purposes. For commercial use the pricing is based on the number of users. Contact us for more information.